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Submitted: Apr 14, 2020

A few weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic it started to get clear to us all how sweeping and pervasive a situation we were finding ourself in.  Like many, I found my thoughts and energies going more inside myself as the busy-ness of day to day living slowed and quieted.  I found myself having a lot dreams about music, with famous musicians visiting me and having interactions.  I dug out some of...Read more

Submitted: May 30, 2019

Like many Canadians, (and I do mean many!), I grew up in a family system that was largely conflict avoidant.  As the fourth of five children I recall watching my older siblings and parents move away from each other when the air got prickly with static between them.  On occasion, I would hear a raised voice, but in my family this was a signal that someone was super agitated, and as a family...Read more

Submitted: Mar 20, 2019

The shootings in NZ today…and the youth marches on climate change…and the birth of my new grand-niece into my family and this world yesterday.  My heart is heavy with grief for Muslim people all over the world in this violent expression of Islamaphobia.   Another young white male with guns taking out his rage/confusion on people he others with such hate and utter inability to see as fellow...Read more

Submitted: Jan 9, 2019

My experience in the social innovation sector is largely one of inspiration.  I find myself inspired and hopeful by the energy, vision and intentions of social innovation, particularly in Vancouver, where there is serious support for it structurally and financially.

In my experiences within this sector I’ve continually noticed that there are some elements of social innovation that don’t...Read more

Submitted: Aug 20, 2016

China. Basketball. Masculinity. Amazing!!
In my summer contract here in China, a great and deep joy has been to play pick-up basketball on a fairly regular basis.Read more