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Submitted: Jan 9, 2019

Social Innovation and Processwork: Unrequited Dance Partners

My experience in the social innovation sector is largely one of inspiration.  I find myself inspired and hopeful by the energy, vision and intentions of social innovation, particularly in Vancouver, where there is serious support for it structurally and financially.

In my experiences within this sector...Read more

Submitted: Aug 20, 2016

China. Basketball. Masculinity. Amazing!!
In my summer contract here in China, a great and deep joy has been to play pick-up basketball on a fairly regular basis.Read more

Submitted: Jun 8, 2016

I write from 2 hours west of Beijing, China.  I’m here for a 3 month contract, my second time working for this client.  However it’s the air I want to talk about.

I’d like to have a lot of climate change deniers come here and spend time…live, eat, walk, exercise, work.  I was born in Calgary and lived there for my first 21 years, and then moved to Vancouver where I’ve spent my adult...Read more

Submitted: Nov 24, 2015

November 2015 has been a hard month for me, featuring some very difficult facilitations, spurring me to explore the concept of safety in group work. Read more

Submitted: Jul 1, 2015

In my most recent Authentic Facilitation training, I had the inspiration on the first day to get the group doing some authentic movement near the beginning of the three-day course.  In this particular course I had never done this before, although various forms of authentic movement are always regularly offering in my improvisation singing workshops.  I wondered why I suddenly felt inspired to...Read more