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The Christchurch New Zealand Shootings/Youth Climate March/My New Grand-niece


The shootings in NZ today…and the youth marches on climate change…and the birth of my new grand-niece into my family and this world yesterday.  My heart is heavy with grief for Muslim people all over the world in this violent expression of Islamaphobia.   Another young white male with guns taking out his rage/confusion on people he others with such hate and utter inability to see as fellow human beings, while our young people show such eldership in demanding action on climate change.  

Intolerance, hate, descent into chaos and deep divisions of every kind…or movements into new kinds of acceptance and respect across differences.   We are on the edge.  This living Earth is my example: we have to stay together, our sameness and differences are natural and all needed.  I feel a mix of powerlessness and smallness right now writing this, but also rooted and clear.  I don’t have the answers.  I make mistakes that leave people out and hurt people.  I want to do better for people and for this Earth.

Each time the next horrifying event happens I am trying to feel how I am impacted and how are others impacted.  And I hold a longing, that each horror awakens more of me, and us, to more awareness of the extent of our natural diversity: our capacity for destruction and causing pain, and our capacity to love without restraint like a newborn.  It’s so hard to even write about the immensity of the emergency I feel going on around me/this world.   Losing my ability to keep writing.  Action: What can I do today and tomorrow to be more loving in this world?   Thank you to so many others sharing here today as well.