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This section contains various media interviews with David Hatfield including articles he has authored.

The UBC rape chant and a call for rites of passage eldership

Sep 16, 2013

The "rape-chant" incidents at the University of British Columbia and St. Mary’s University in Halifax have gone viral, producing big emotional responses from students, administrators and the general public. I was deeply affected by both incidents and found myself eagerly following the emerging news reports.

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It's Raining Men who are Addressing Men's Issues

Sep 19, 2012

The images are varied and disparate. There are open letters from children to fathers, including one that says “I love my dad even though he’s mean and not around.” There’s a Maclean’s cover story: “Are we raising our boys to be underachieving men?”  This was all part of a nonnarrated visual presentation that program director David Hatfield showed to 16 men of diverse ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientations, at the start of Manology at the Roundhouse Community Centre on September 10.

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Manology course offers 21st century men a place to open up about feelings

Oct 21, 2011

The traditional roles of men are not sustainable in a century wrought with climate change and financial meltdowns, says male issues specialist David Hatfield. That's why in the fall of 2009 Hatfield started what he calls "Manology" sessions on Monday evenings at the Roundhouse Community Centre.

Media: PDF icon The Voice - Langara College newspaper

Father deprivation is a more reliable predictor of criminal activity in youths

Apr 25, 2011

Becoming a parent is the most profound experience many people will have in their lives. Despite this, the number of fatherless families in Canada has increased over the past four decades, and research shows that father deprivation is a more reliable predictor of criminal activity in youths than race, environment or poverty.

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