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The Dreambody: Finding Meaning and Usefulness in Body Symptoms and Dreams

This training is relevant for anyone who is interested in the connections between dreams and body/somatic symptoms. The course may be particular useful for educators, facilitators, counselors, health care and social service providers, and anyone wanting to be better able to access intuitive, non-linear human experiences.

What do night dreams and body symptoms have in common? Perhaps it is that many of us tend to ignore or marginalize both!  While we all have night dreams, we don’t generally examine them, and the majority of us treat body symptoms as inconvenient annoyances that we pathologize and then seek to get rid of immediately.  Dr. Arnold Mindell, the founder of Process Oriented Psychology, (or processwork), gave the name dreambody to the dynamic of the mirroring of body symptoms and experiences in dreams and vice versa. Processwork is a non-pathologizing approach that considers the relationships between our physical bodies and our dreams, conflicts, and world events. Theoretically, this training holds that dreams and body symptoms have meaning, and when approached with curiosity and respect, useful information, insights and change can be found.   We'll use a mix of processwork theory and methodology, and experiential exercises to learn how to explore and unfold dreams and body symptoms.

Learning Objectives

Developing our abilities to:

  • Assess a person's identity structure with regards to working with their dream or body symptom. 
  • Understand the idea of marginalization and how it appears in dreambody work.  
  • Use process methods to unfold a persons double signals, verbal and non-verbal communications within their dreams and body symptoms.
  • Use our own self-awareness to help facilitate the unfolding of the body symptoms and dreams of ourselves and others.
  • Explore our own first/childhood dream as a life-long guide to our own life myth. 

Participants will increase their ability to track dream and body symptoms processes through integrating the awareness-based methods of processwork. Due to the nature of awareness training, each participant will have a unique learning experience. Group size will be limited to 10 participants to maximize experiential learning time and feedback from the group and instructor.

AT: Green Thumb Theatre
5560 McKinnon St. East Vancouver

Sunday, March 24 - 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


  • Student/Low Income -  $60
  • Earlybird: til March 10 - $110
  • General: after March 10 - $125


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