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Manology: Exploring 21st Century Masculinity

Manology is a friendly, interactive and experiential course for men of all stages, viewpoints, orientations, and ethnicities. Men can either register for the course (and save a few bucks) or drop-in when their interest and schedule allow.  It's for men who are interested in looking at how ideas about what a man is and is not, shape and influence us, in all areas of our lives.  Manology is delivered by a diverse team of educators and facilitators with a wide range of knowledge and skills to share with men.  Diversity is desired: men of all stages, backgrounds, philosophies, ethnicities and orientations are welcome.

The first session is FREE of charge for new men. 

AT: The Roundhouse Community Centre - corner of Pacific Blvd. and Davie Street, in Yaletown
FEE: Men's first session is free, Drop-ins: $15

Area of Focus