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A Process Oriented Approach to Conflict Facilitation

A Process Oriented Approach to Conflict Facilitation, online, in partnership with The Haven

Are any of these statements true for you?  

I want to... 

  • Discover how to remain present and facilitative in conflict. 
  • Respond to direct and indirect accusations/criticisms.
  • Work with power, rank and diversity issues. 
  • Practice tools for unfolding conflict and heightening awareness. 
  • Learn why and when to bring in personal feelings and experiences. 
  • Include and value all points of view using the practice of Deep Democracy. 
  • Gain access to an online skill-building community with others who have studied processwork with David.  

If you said “yes” to any of the above, this online program may be a perfect opportunity to learn how to facilitate conflict with a process-oriented approach.  

For all details on course content and tiered pricing, please visit:  https://www.haven.ca/program/session/online-process-oriented-approach-conflict-may-28-30-2021

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