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Below you'll find feedback from various clients:


You gave me some wonderful ideas for that I can use immediately with the kids in our Detention and Treatment Program. Great thought provoking info. I appreciated your ability to articulate and point out aspects of masculinity and male power that some more 'feminized' group would choose not to look at.

City of Eugene, Recreation
Lane County Department of Youth Services

I entered the course in Authentic Facilitation with ideas of what I wanted to work on in my workplace leadership - we all have situations where we don’t know what to do or what to say! Through the process of our group’s work I learned more than I had anticipated. With a strong course outline and theoretical material, the mind-opening creative process that David... read more

Christine Coles
Behaviour Support Worker, North Vancouver School District #44

It's one thing to get together with a bunch of guys to talk about stuff that matters. It's another to do it so we're opened to profound insights about other men, ourselves and the big themes framing gender politics. David Hatfield's highly skilled and insightful facilitation of the Manology sessions does that.

Kris Klassen
Principal and Founder, Working Design

I am so overwhelmed in a positive way. The days we spent together where epic. I cannot describe another situation that made me feel so complete, alive, scared, nervous, vibrant. I could go on. It was like the Northern lights. Just moving, gliding through our souls. We made AMAZING music. More chills. All of us danced and sang like angels. More so, our souls... read more

Chris Manley
Vancouver Island, BC

The workshop was excellent! As an experienced facilitator, I’m often hard to please… but I found David’s workshop to add great practical value. In particular, I loved using simulations to try out challenges that each individual faces, working through conflict, and addressing difficult situations in a clear and constructive manner. I also immensely enjoyed David... read more

Tamara Connell
Director, Sustainability Learner Programs, The Natural Step