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Below you'll find feedback from various clients:


I am a little ADHD so anytime I can go 2 hours without leaving a session says this was great! Incredible presenter. Incredible information. Intense professional growth and ideas for working with male youth and adults both.

Greater Okanagan Teacher's Association Conference

It’s okay to be yourself and to be honest. You don’t need to be feared to be respected.

Coquitlam, Grades 10-12, SUCCESS Program for immigrant students

Manology is a safe place to be real, to discover more about who you are, and to experience other men [and sometimes women] being honest, open, authentic, vulnerable, and mutually respectful and caring. The course has offered an amazing array of experiential activities...breathwork, movement, creative practices, ceremony, games, give-aways, and food sharing! All... read more

Sequoia Thom, MA

I learned the best way to defend myself from bullies. Being assertive, holding your space, using eye contact can defuse some situations.

Saltspring Island, Grade 8

David's workshop material, delivery and leadership has helped me transform my life. Until David came along I only had limited and superficial relationships with the men in my life. Now after participating in his workshops I feel a new sense of possibility inside those relationships; I have a sense of freedom to express myself and know I am supported. I now find... read more

Jeremy Hamp