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Below you'll find feedback from various clients:


David is a magic people crafter, called to help us give permission to ourselves to be ourselves. He invites us into sacred safe space in such a loving manner that it feels impossible not to respond from the heart - because he lays his on the line.

Kaz Amaranth

Awesome! A wall that was there before with the boys has been dropped. They expressed things that I assume are usually hidden from us. I saw them for who they were and I was honored to have shared the experience with them. I will strive to maintain this opening and create more opportunities to share with them.

Alyson Norden
Student Support Worker, VAST Alternate School, Port Alberni

David Hatfield is a masculinity worker extraordinaire. His visits to New Zealand in 2004 and 2006 have left a trail of inspiration, satisfaction and respect behind him that still resonates years later. I was privileged to work with him when he became a key facilitator in the Essentially Men 2004 and 2006 Pathways to Manhood program in New Zealand - a five day Rites... read more

Rex McCann, founder of:
Essentially Men Network and Education Trust, New Zealand

Authentic Facilitation was, for me, a pivotal time and an opportunity to learn and deeply experience possibilities for interacting with others for greater effectiveness in the intention of finding wise decisions, well and enjoyably made. I also experienced important breakthroughs in my practice as a facilitator. David Hatfield’s humanity, experience, systems thinking... read more

Arifin Graham
MA - Leadership, Principal - Alaris Design + Consultation

David is a leader in very important empowerment work with boys and men. I recommend him highly. A passionate teacher and facilitator, David Hatfield has a lot to offer: gender talk which is sophisticated but easily understood an ability to quickly establish a rapport with the group and truly engaging experiential programming.

Suzanna Cermak: Youth Program Coordinator
Evangel Hall, Toronto