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David Hatfield is a masculinity worker extraordinaire. His visits to New...

David Hatfield is a masculinity worker extraordinaire. His visits to New Zealand in 2004 and 2006 have left a trail of inspiration, satisfaction and respect behind him that still resonates years later. I was privileged to work with him when he became a key facilitator in the Essentially Men 2004 and 2006 Pathways to Manhood program in New Zealand - a five day Rites of Passage wilderness-based experience for male youth and mentors. He was central to the designing, execution and evaluation of the program and his involvement left a valuable legacy to the work. We found him extremely competent and reliable in designing learning experiences and structures to meet the needs of a group, and able to work within the goals and culture of the institution he was working within. He is a very responsive, teacher and facilitator, with a fine temperament, clear thinking and articulation, humor and flexibility, creativity and ease of presence that engenders respect and trust. His skill in the creative arts, singing and music adds greatly to his capacity to create inspiring learning environments. He has a long experience in working with boys to support them to create a bridge to becoming fine young men. He showed himself time and again to be able to take a group of youth into meaningful enquiry and enable them to create with their own voice a response to the pressures and binds of male conditioning. He is able to skillfully draw out the leadership within a group of youth and enable them to bring forward their own unique spirit and contribution. His ability to understand their situation as males and his reflection and theorizing about masculinity in general makes him a rare and valuable resource in the current climate of concern of our young men. He has developed frameworks and ways of thinking and working that have proved to be extremely relevant to young men. A man of extraordinary capacity, he makes an impression and leaves a legacy wherever he goes and I recommend him to you if you have the opportunity to work with him.

Rex McCann, founder of:

Essentially Men Network and Education Trust, New Zealand