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Below you'll find feedback from various clients:


To say this past weekend participating in the Singing Soul with David and the group of us has impacted me is an understatement. It wasn't fireworks or bells ringing, but a deepening and diving in to a place I had been waiting for, for a long time, a part of myself I had thought was gone. Soulfulness was a word that came up during the weekend, and I think I... read more

Maureen Cameron
Creston, BC

David is a magic people crafter, called to help us give permission to ourselves to be ourselves. He invites us into sacred safe space in such a loving manner that it feels impossible not to respond from the heart - because he lays his on the line.

Kaz Amaranth

David is one of the most influential educators/mentors I have worked with. I met David during my time at SFU's Semester in Dialogue at CityStudio. He embodies an air of compassion, non-reactiveness and passion in all of his work as Citystudio faculty. He consistently invites feedback for his sessions, without any defensiveness. Some of the main issues he... read more

J. Wing
Citystudio Alumni, 2014

David has the ability to reach into our hearts and minds to bring a room full of strangers together. The session unfolded like a spiral, building on and deepening trust. The activities and discussions created bridges of communication and confidence. I value the insights and skills I gained both professionally and personally. I look forward to working with David... read more

Elizabeth Grace Surridge
B.Ed., Ct. Mediation/Negotiation

David Hatfield came to the musical theatre group I work with and presented The Singing in December of 2009. From the beginning I was impressed by the organic manner in which David shared the workshop. The work that he guided us through opened me in ways I had never imagined, with revelations and epiphanies! Improvisation has become the main influence in my life and... read more

Doug Koyama
Quesnel, BC