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Below you'll find feedback from various clients:


David has the ability to reach into our hearts and minds to bring a room full of strangers together. The session unfolded like a spiral, building on and deepening trust. The activities and discussions created bridges of communication and confidence. I value the insights and skills I gained both professionally and personally. I look forward to working with David... read more

Elizabeth Grace Surridge
B.Ed., Ct. Mediation/Negotiation

A time to gather, a time to think a time to bring Man back from the brink a time to share, a time to ponder about these Men of profound wonder.

George Copley

There’s a great mix of men at Manology: age, race, sexual orientation; it’s all there. And there’s a genuine spirit of welcome and inquiry in the group—no orthodoxy, just a bunch of smart, emotionally open guys exploring issues of maleness.

Colin Thomas
Theatre Critic, The Georgia Straight

This is the second year that King George Secondary School has hired David to deliver his boys program to students in the Planning 10 course. David is a pleasure to work with in so many ways. He is always willing and able to adapt the program (content, structure, and timing) to meet our school's needs. He has a holistic approach to service delivery with enhances... read more

Jessica Land
King George Community Schools Coordinator, Vancouver

I am a little ADHD so anytime I can go 2 hours without leaving a session says this was great! Incredible presenter. Incredible information. Intense professional growth and ideas for working with male youth and adults both.

Greater Okanagan Teacher's Association Conference