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Below you'll find feedback from various clients:


David Hatfield's Singing Soul workshop not only opened up a whole new way of experiencing music - of participating in music from the inside, in the place where it belongs to us all - but the experience also caused me to go straight home and write "Three Thousand Miles," which is my most-covered song, and on which much of my reputation has been built.... read more

Corin Raymond
Singer-songwriter, actor, playwright

I had the great pleasure to take part in David Hatfield's "The Singing Soul" workshop last weekend. There are not enough words of admiration and delight in my vocabulary to talk about the great learning and benefit and sheer joy I felt during our time with David. Through sound and song I stretched myself beyond what I thought I was capable of doing... read more

Elfi Shaw
Haven faculty

Awesome! A wall that was there before with the boys has been dropped. They expressed things that I assume are usually hidden from us. I saw them for who they were and I was honored to have shared the experience with them. I will strive to maintain this opening and create more opportunities to share with them.

Alyson Norden
Student Support Worker, VAST Alternate School, Port Alberni

Stirred not Shaken is an experience that brings men together to experience the power we have when we have when we put our guard down and be real. I am inspired by how different men have shown up here, and reminded to show up how I really am without fear. It is a chance to open up and let go of all the bullshit. Refreshing.

Brian Silver
Sunshine Coast, BC

Manology is a safe place to be real, to discover more about who you are, and to experience other men [and sometimes women] being honest, open, authentic, vulnerable, and mutually respectful and caring. The course has offered an amazing array of experiential activities...breathwork, movement, creative practices, ceremony, games, give-aways, and food sharing! All... read more

Sequoia Thom, MA