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Below you'll find feedback from various clients:


David is a leader in very important empowerment work with boys and men. I recommend him highly. A passionate teacher and facilitator, David Hatfield has a lot to offer: gender talk which is sophisticated but easily understood an ability to quickly establish a rapport with the group and truly engaging experiential programming.

Suzanna Cermak: Youth Program Coordinator
Evangel Hall, Toronto

Since January 2013, David Hatfield has facilitated a series of trainings for a group of 7 male Windermere staff to prepare them in developing a “Young Men’s Group” there. The group diverse in role and age includes administrators and student support staff. In these training workshops, we explore our own perspectives and history on masculinity and have created a... read more

Gavin Clark
Community Schools Coordinator, Windermere Secondary, Vancouver.

A MUST OF THINGS TO DO IN LIFE. This course gave direction and how to find it with the guidance from communal friends. I will define and live my own definition of manhood.

Christopher Bernard
Vancouver Island, BC

Let me start by saying that David is one of the most powerful and effective social change educators I have ever had the pleasure to meet. His skills as a facilitator, mentor, leader, and role model are stellar. He is a master of group process and able to create the most incredible environments for learning and risk-taking. David holds a powerful, unique and varied... read more

Shakil Choudhury
Senior Partner, Anima Leadership

Stirred not Shaken is an experience that brings men together to experience the power we have when we have when we put our guard down and be real. I am inspired by how different men have shown up here, and reminded to show up how I really am without fear. It is a chance to open up and let go of all the bullshit. Refreshing.

Brian Silver
Sunshine Coast, BC