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Below you'll find feedback from various clients:


Since January 2013, David Hatfield has facilitated a series of trainings for a group of 7 male Windermere staff to prepare them in developing a “Young Men’s Group” there. The group diverse in role and age includes administrators and student support staff. In these training workshops, we explore our own perspectives and history on masculinity and have created a... read more

Gavin Clark
Community Schools Coordinator, Windermere Secondary, Vancouver.

David is a shining example of finding his unique path and living in service to that path. He has a twenty year career facilitating workshops that guide people to their source including gatherings around the planet on the subject of vocal improvisation. David studied with me a bundle of years ago and then took that information into his heart and fueled it with his own... read more


I was thrilled to be able to witness and experience the magic of this workshop with David Hatfield. He is a master of providing safe space in which to play with our voices and set a wonderful example of deep listening throughout our time together. His compassionate nature and sense of humour allowed the interesting, the unique, the hypnotic, and the sublime sounds... read more

Vanessa Lindsay-Botten
Conductor - You Gotta Sing Chorus, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The day inspired me. Much of being an educator has become 'policy' and 'process' - I liked the human touch of David's presentation. I liked the thoughtfulness with which he respected our ideas and feelings. He gave us time to think - often missing in our sequential lives! Thanks.

Teacher, School District #22 - Vernon

I had the great pleasure to take part in David Hatfield's "The Singing Soul" workshop last weekend. There are not enough words of admiration and delight in my vocabulary to talk about the great learning and benefit and sheer joy I felt during our time with David. Through sound and song I stretched myself beyond what I thought I was capable of doing... read more

Elfi Shaw
Haven faculty