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Below you'll find feedback from various clients:


I've attended other men's groups and really appreciated the experience of brotherhood but felt that at times the group wasn't adequately guided (sometimes topics weren't adhered to, or one person spent 5 or 10 minutes sharing even when there had been an agreement to limit the sharing to less time) and at times there was too much focus on... read more

Patrice Webb
Open Door Yoga Finance Coordinator

We saw signs everywhere that boys were not thriving. But what David helped us discover when we opened that can of worms is that the biggest piece they are missing in their lives is a positive male role model, and one who is ready for the 21st century. Invariably, when David brought a group of men together and developed a safe context to ask them key questions, the... read more

Paul Toner
Early Childhood, Middle Years and Youth Community Coordinator United Way of Greater Moncton and Southeastern New Brunswick

It's one thing to get together with a bunch of guys to talk about stuff that matters. It's another to do it so we're opened to profound insights about other men, ourselves and the big themes framing gender politics. David Hatfield's highly skilled and insightful facilitation of the Manology sessions does that.

Kris Klassen
Principal and Founder, Working Design

I appreciated David's ability to navigate some of our fragile relationships by never letting us forget our common human nature and vulnerability. I found David to be a very knowledgeable facilitator who created an environment that was positive and supportive, but did not shy away from dealing with difficult and negative existing relationships among participants... read more

Kurt Dehnel, Owner
I/O Design & Engineering

David is truly an extraordinary educator. I found his ability to be completely present and honest with the youth he works with to be utterly remarkable. He earns high respect and admiration from both the youth and his co-workers for his ability to be real and vulnerable, while holding a space for others to do the same. It is a rare gift he has for getting even the... read more

Ruth Whyte
Pearson Seminar on Youth Leadership Program Coordinator Lester B. Pearson United World College