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Below you'll find feedback from various clients:


After this training with David I can see that we need to work on our clinics to make them more inviting to young men.

Vancouver Coastal Health

Lots to think about, lots of great ideas for being a teacher and a lesbian mom of 2 young boys. This gave me ideas to use with my testosterone-filled, homophobic class of alternative kids. Thank you!

BC Alternate Education Conference

I have been involved with Manology for 3 years now. My experience has been very positive; I have a huge amount of gratitude appreciation for all the Men involved and especially David Hatfield for his commitment to the program. It has provided me with an opportunity to have a voice and speak out about what’s going on in my life, it has also helped me get an... read more

Neil Ferguson

The best part was the deconstruction of conflict and principles of dealing with high stress situations.

Grade 11-12 session, SEED Alternate Secondary, Toronto

A fun-filled day of intensive introspection, balanced by the harmony of cerebral and physical activities. Men from all walks of life and varied backgrounds shared unique experiences under the thoughtful and experienced direction of David. I whole heartedly endorse and encourage others to share in this unique experience of kindred spirit.

Alan K