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Below you'll find feedback from various clients:


Since Stirred, not Shaken I have had a number of comments from family members saying that I have changed for the better. Hard to imagine that a one day event could have such an effect, but it has. I have gained a better appreciation for the importance of my role and it has made me more confident, patient and a better listener.

Gavin Davidson

Since January 2013, David Hatfield has facilitated a series of trainings for a group of 7 male Windermere staff to prepare them in developing a “Young Men’s Group” there. The group diverse in role and age includes administrators and student support staff. In these training workshops, we explore our own perspectives and history on masculinity and have created a... read more

Gavin Clark
Community Schools Coordinator, Windermere Secondary, Vancouver.

This is a great program for teenage boys learning about what’s coming next in their lives. I think it’s a good thing to have an all-guy talk about masculinity. It’s a good place to learn about taking care of yourself.

Vancouver, Grade 10

I would tell other men that it is something they should experience if they want to know what it feels like to be accepted, affirmed, respected, and allowed to be as they are and to know what it's like to feel like part of a brotherhood.

Pat Cross
Sunshine Coast, BC

I work in community development and in building leadership capacity for activists. David Hatfield's Transforming Conflict workshop has been a key part in both my leadership program and in my personal development. His workshop lays out an accessible and practical framework to transform the personal experience of conflict into positive change. Through story, group... read more

Mike Byerley
Program Coordinator - Next Up Leadership, Calgary