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Below you'll find feedback from various clients:


Manology sessions have been an important part of my journey in embracing my own masculinity, which combines vulnerability and sensitivity with strength and courage. I really appreciate how David Hatfield and the other facilitators provide a safe place to share, to learn and to explore. Manology continues to be the best and most soulful space I’ve experienced to... read more

Doug Ellis
ESL Instructor at Vancouver Community College

Many skills on being confident which kind of sounds like a sissy thing to say but after the workshop, not really.

Youth participant
Pearson Seminar on Youth Leadership, Pearson College, BC

You gave me some wonderful ideas for that I can use immediately with the kids in our Detention and Treatment Program. Great thought provoking info. I appreciated your ability to articulate and point out aspects of masculinity and male power that some more 'feminized' group would choose not to look at.

City of Eugene, Recreation
Lane County Department of Youth Services

The most important thing I’ve learned from this session is how important it is for the genders to be separated in the rites process so that both can be recognized and honored. This training helped me to see how youth create their own rites of passage in the absence of structured/formal ones, and how dangerous that can be.

City of Eugene
Department of Recreation, and Oregon Youth Authority, Oregon, USA

Since January 2013, David Hatfield has facilitated a series of trainings for a group of 7 male Windermere staff to prepare them in developing a “Young Men’s Group” there. The group diverse in role and age includes administrators and student support staff. In these training workshops, we explore our own perspectives and history on masculinity and have created a... read more

Gavin Clark
Community Schools Coordinator, Windermere Secondary, Vancouver.