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Below you'll find feedback from various clients:


David came and worked with me on beginning a conversation in our community about the place of males and masculinity and how best to serve their needs.

Kaye Smith, Child Advocate
Hauraki Family Violence Intervention Network, New Zealand

I appreciated David's ability to navigate some of our fragile relationships by never letting us forget our common human nature and vulnerability. I found David to be a very knowledgeable facilitator who created an environment that was positive and supportive, but did not shy away from dealing with difficult and negative existing relationships among participants... read more

Kurt Dehnel, Owner
I/O Design & Engineering

Excellent. Very exciting work. Both genders had the opportunity to put themselves in each others’ shoes. The boys and girls were open and willing to share. I felt as though we are on the verge of bridging a lot of gaps between the genders. Thanks for providing the tools which we can use.

Chris MacDonald
VAST Alternate School, Port Alberni

Welcome to the world of singing with no net. A cappella improvisation with David Hatfield takes you to unforeseen destinations of hilarity, weirdness, extraordinary harmony and transcendence. Lead with your voice, lead with your heart, as David guides you on those first scary steps of a musical journey to who-knows-where. This gifted facilitator can coax music out... read more

J. Tissandier - In the Pink a cappella group

The Singing Soul is powerful work. Like no other process or method I’ve ever participated in, it demonstrated to me the role of the human singing voice as a vehicle to enter into participation with creation and showed me what is possible, when a group of people share in that process. Most of the music we come into contact with in our lives has been created with some... read more

Julie Froekjaer
The Haven, BC