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Below you'll find feedback from various clients:


This is the second year that King George Secondary School has hired David to deliver his boys program to students in the Planning 10 course. David is a pleasure to work with in so many ways. He is always willing and able to adapt the program (content, structure, and timing) to meet our school's needs. He has a holistic approach to service delivery with enhances... read more

Jessica Land
King George Community Schools Coordinator, Vancouver

Since Stirred, not Shaken I have had a number of comments from family members saying that I have changed for the better. Hard to imagine that a one day event could have such an effect, but it has. I have gained a better appreciation for the importance of my role and it has made me more confident, patient and a better listener.

Gavin Davidson

I strongly recommend it. A rare opportunity for boys to be validated, accepted and celebrated as GUYS. A further realization that teenage boys lack forums for guidance, acceptance, and generally feeling good about themselves.

Mike Warrington
Teacher, Vancouver School Board

David has the ability to reach into our hearts and minds to bring a room full of strangers together. The session unfolded like a spiral, building on and deepening trust. The activities and discussions created bridges of communication and confidence. I value the insights and skills I gained both professionally and personally. I look forward to working with David... read more

Elizabeth Grace Surridge
B.Ed., Ct. Mediation/Negotiation

I've read and listened to men and boys for 55 years. This is the first time I've felt such truth in a man's articulation of male reality. As a Grandmother, youth and family worker, a wife, and sister and daughter, thank you for doing this work David.

BC Alternate Education Conference