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Below you'll find feedback from various clients:


Welcome to the world of singing with no net. A cappella improvisation with David Hatfield takes you to unforeseen destinations of hilarity, weirdness, extraordinary harmony and transcendence. Lead with your voice, lead with your heart, as David guides you on those first scary steps of a musical journey to who-knows-where. This gifted facilitator can coax music out... read more

J. Tissandier - In the Pink a cappella group

David Hatfield's improvisational singing workshops have taught me to sing with greater truth, passion and without inhibition. After studying classical singing for many years, performing and teaching voice, I have learned techniques that equip me to sing with proper breath support, control, accuracy and vibrancy. However, after several sessions of David's... read more

Cathy Robinson
In the Pink - A Capella group, Canmore, Alberta

I had the great pleasure to take part in David Hatfield's "The Singing Soul" workshop last weekend. There are not enough words of admiration and delight in my vocabulary to talk about the great learning and benefit and sheer joy I felt during our time with David. Through sound and song I stretched myself beyond what I thought I was capable of doing... read more

Elfi Shaw
Haven faculty

I have had the privilege of being at Manology since its beginning 7 years ago. It was a small group with a big goal, to expand the definition of masculinity and how it can be in the 21st century. I have had such an amazing time learning, growing and bonding with a beautiful group of men who are all striving to break out of the box that our culture has put us in.... read more

John F. Weiss
Medical Qigong Practitioner (Master's level)

I've attended other men's groups and really appreciated the experience of brotherhood but felt that at times the group wasn't adequately guided (sometimes topics weren't adhered to, or one person spent 5 or 10 minutes sharing even when there had been an agreement to limit the sharing to less time) and at times there was too much focus on... read more

Patrice Webb
Open Door Yoga Finance Coordinator