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I became involved in guys work last year after concerns about the low numbers...

I became involved in guys work last year after concerns about the low numbers of teenage males accessing our Youth Health Centres in Nova Scotia. I had to opportunity to participate in some workshops that David ran in 100 Mile House, BC for grade seven boys. I was immediately impressed with the way David quickly creates a safe space and how easily he engages with youth. His conversation around the male script – the expectations and pressures around masculinity – is excellent and accessible, and most important, thought provoking. David’s mix of fun and serious “stuff” is a great approach and left the youth happy and wanting more. If there’s one characteristic about David that I particularly appreciated it is the lens that he uses in his work with men and boys. As I observed, his philosophy or take on this work does not come from a place that boys and men need to be fixed or repaired – acknowledging that many boys and men do need some help and support with a number of issues – rather it’s a construct that men and boys are great, with lots of potential and that masculinity is something to celebrate as well as examine. I would encourage folks with an interest in this area to meet with David and find an opportunity to work with him. You’ll leave inspired, and you’ll leave with new insights and new tools to use in your work.

Morris Green, Coordinator - Youth Health

Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness