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I was thrilled to be able to witness and experience the magic of this...

I was thrilled to be able to witness and experience the magic of this workshop with David Hatfield. He is a master of providing safe space in which to play with our voices and set a wonderful example of deep listening throughout our time together. His compassionate nature and sense of humour allowed the interesting, the unique, the hypnotic, and the sublime sounds in all of us to come forth and communicate beautifully with one another. As a community choir director and professional musician, I enjoyed receiving David's wisdom and inspiration and felt a major lift in my own energy and creative process afterwards. During the weeks following, I feel inspired to keep David's work bubbling through my choir rehearsals and am delighted with the freshness this approach brings to our regular rehearsal time. I am very much looking forward to participating in another Singing Soul workshop at my next opportunity and would love for David to work with my choir, the You Gotta Sing! chorus as well! With many, many thanks

Vanessa Lindsay-Botten

Conductor - You Gotta Sing Chorus, Halifax, Nova Scotia