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I've attended other men's groups and really appreciated the experience of...

I've attended other men's groups and really appreciated the experience of brotherhood but felt that at times the group wasn't adequately guided (sometimes topics weren't adhered to, or one person spent 5 or 10 minutes sharing even when there had been an agreement to limit the sharing to less time) and at times there was too much focus on heterosexual relationships and an old fashioned man and woman paradigm of the world. With Manology, I get the sense that David Hatfield and the other presenters he brings in try to (and succeed in my opinion) in facilitating a gathering of men (and sometimes women) who embrace all that it means to be a man in many paradigms of sexual identity and sexuality. Participating in the group regularly challenges my ideas and comfort zone. I have been moved to tears and felt completely supported in that emotional experience (even when I second guessed that it was ok to cry in front of other men) and have had a lot of fun and a feeling of belonging gathering with this group. There are many presenters who offer clear subject matter to focus on and I have never experienced a session where it didn't feel like everyone had equal opportunity to express their ideas in the framework of what was being presented in the agreed upon time. Thank you Manology!

Patrice Webb

Open Door Yoga Finance Coordinator