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The Singing Soul is powerful work. Like no other process or method I’ve ever...

The Singing Soul is powerful work. Like no other process or method I’ve ever participated in, it demonstrated to me the role of the human singing voice as a vehicle to enter into participation with creation and showed me what is possible, when a group of people share in that process. Most of the music we come into contact with in our lives has been created with some intention of permanence and is there for us to listen to again and again.... The soundscapes created at the Singing Soul however, were more like a Tibetan sand-mandala - they momentarily emerged out of seemingly empty space, to be enjoyed only while being created, for then simply to fall back into non-form... For me, this repeated process of using our voices to give expression to what moments earlier had existed only as inaudible formless potential, became a tangible experience of how the power of creation is always right there to tap into, and of my own innate ability to be both an active participant and a recipient in that process... absolutely empowering and beautiful!! David’s Singing Soul reflects an open heart and deep love of life and people. His grounded heartfelt presence, added to his already masterful facilitation of the collective space, made me feel held, nurtured and inspired and allowed me to safely share and express the music of my own being and to step into deeply felt joy, love and awe. What a gift! Thank you David

Julie Froekjaer

The Haven, BC