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Below you'll find feedback from various clients:


Excellent. Very exciting work. Both genders had the opportunity to put themselves in each others’ shoes. The boys and girls were open and willing to share. I felt as though we are on the verge of bridging a lot of gaps between the genders. Thanks for providing the tools which we can use.

Chris MacDonald
VAST Alternate School, Port Alberni

I got out of this how to stand up for myself. I got how to be assertive and I got confidence.

Kelowna, Grade 7 and 8

Honestly, I felt that this was one of the best workshops (if not the best) that my students have ever experienced. For once, we had a presenter who actually connected to the group's needs. It is tremendously valuable to them, and without exception, all of them thought it was worthwhile and extremely enjoyable. I would endorse this workshop for all of my... read more

Richard Lee
Teacher - Pender Island Elementary/Secondary School, BC

It's important to understand that Soul Singing with David Hatfield is not just about music. It's about discovery. There is, of course, the joy and the excitement and the deep satisfaction that come out of personal vocal exploration. But it's not just vocal. You think that it's your voice that's exploring, but you discover that in fact it... read more

Julie Kehler
Canmore, Alberta

This workshop proved to be far, far more than my original expecations and the ability to bond on a deep and profound level with the other participants was an additional bonus. I gradually released years of negative programming into a re-birth and transformation. I leave with a sense of peace, balance, and SHOUTING to the world a need to experience more fun, laughter... read more

S. Wells
London, U.K.